Here's what some of our students had to say.

SEO completely transformed my video business. 🎬

When I started my business I struggled to find clients. I went to networking events, did cold outreach... the whole nine yards. But when my website started ranking on Google, it changed everything. I suddenly had consistent work. New businesses reached out each week looking for videos. I raised my rates (again and again) and I went from a struggling artist to working with major brands in my area.
  • Grow Your Traffic

    Get consistent, high-quality traffic from local businesses who currently need video production services.

  • Outrank Competitors

    Reverse-engineer your competition to see EXACTLY why they're ranking (and how to beat them).

  • Better Clients

    Tired of chasing leads? Turn the tables and get high-quality clients who are ready to invest in video.

Why SEO is the best marketing channel for video businesses. 🎬

There are a lot of great strategies to grow your video business, but we chose SEO as our main channel for these reasons.

  • It's Inbound. Instead of chasing customers, they come to you. Less time networking, more time creating.

  • Purchase-intent. You don't have to chase or convince people. They're ready to buy what you're selling.

  • Easy selling. Qualified leads that come in from SEO have been the easiest sales to close by far.

  • It's consistent. Since optimizing my video business in 2021 I've received 2-3 new leads every single month.

  • Set it & forget it. With social media you have to keep posting. With SEO you only need to do it right once.

  • Don't need to be good. You just need to be a better than your competition, which is a low bar in our industry.

Course Curriculum

Here's a peek into the course structure.

    1. Introduction

    2. SEO = Massive Opportunity

    3. Interview w/ Your Story Agency

    4. How does Google work?

    5. Google Analytics

    6. Google Search Console

    7. Google My Business

    8. Google Trends

    9. SEO Tools & Software

    10. Knowledge Graph + NAP's

    11. Terms & Glossary

    1. Overview

    2. [Worksheet] Keyword Research

    3. [Tutorial] Using Free Tools

    4. [Tutorial] Using Paid Tools ⚡️

    1. Overview

    2. [Worksheet] Competitive Analysis

    3. [Tutorial] Using Free Tools

    4. [Tutorial] Using Paid Tools ⚡️

    1. Site Structure

    2. Multi-City & Suburbs

    3. Page Structure

    4. Content Development

    5. Content Development + AI ⚡️

    6. Meta Descriptions

    7. Topical Authority

    8. Site Optimization

    9. Image Optimization

    10. Submit to Google

    11. Business Directories

    12. Big Lever Actions

    13. One last thing...

    1. Conversion Focused Design

    2. Why Your Brand Matters

    3. Consistency

    4. Hierarchy & White Space

    5. Color

    6. Fonts

    7. Images

    8. 5 Conversion Killers ❌

    9. 10 Conversion Boosters 🚀

    1. 🗓️ Available Feb → Mar 2023

    2. Advanced Schema

    3. 🔐 ToC & Key Insights

    4. 🔐 Featured Snippets

    5. 🔐 Technical Site Settings

    6. 🔐 On-Page vs. Off-Page SEO

    7. 🔐 Link Building

    8. 🔐 GA4 + GSC

    9. 🔐 Advanced Content Strategy

    10. 🔐 Content Hubs & Silos

    11. 🔐 Topical Authority (EAT)

    12. 🔐 Keyword Cannibalization

    13. 🔐 Keyword Database (+350)

    14. 🔐 Landing Page Teardowns

Video Business: SEO Blueprint

  • 55 lessons
  • Simple, actionable steps
  • Keyword Doc (+200 kw)
  • Videos & screenshares

Pricing options

I want this to be the highest-ROI investment you make in your business. Early adopters save even more.

Is this right for you?

SEO isn't a silver bullet, but when done right it can drastically change the trajectory in your business. Especially if you...

  • You want consistent video work 🎬

    Do you get anxiety about where you're going to find your next client? SEO is the most stable and consistent marketing channel. Instead of chasing clients, the leads come to YOUR website and apply to work with YOU.

  • You want to raise your rates 📈

    Tired of saying "yes" to small projects because you really need the work? When you have consistent leads coming in, you can raise your rates confidently AND be more picky about the clients you take on.

  • You want bigger, better clients 🥇

    Fortune 500 companies don't hire for video production based on referrals from friends & family. Instead, they search for "best video production companies". And that's where you need to show up.


  • How much does it cost?

    Pre-Order: $99 (SOLD OUT) Launch Price: $149 (100 Seats) Regular Price: $249

  • What will this course cover?

    This course will show you the exact steps to get organic, inbound leads by optimizing your video business website to rank higher in google. I will also show you how to outrank your competitors and optimize your website for conversions.

  • How do I know this works?

    Since optimizing my video biz website in 2020, I get consistent traffic and get 3-4 organic, high-quality leads/month (sometimes even more). Being on the first page of Google allowed me to raise my prices, grow my business and stop worrying about where my next project was coming from. I then used this same process to launch a photography brand and scale it to 10 cities across North America.

  • Why are seats limited?

    I’m offering a limited number of heavily discounted seats to make it more accessible to people who really need it. However, I also need to be able to support anyone who signs up, so I’m limiting the seats to make it more sustainable.

  • What happens if I miss the pre-order?

    Then you can grab the course at full price when it launches after January 14, 2023.

  • When will the course be available?

    The course will launch on Jan 13, 2023 and include all of the core modules to start ranking your video business website.

  • Will you be adding more content?

    Yes! I will be adding a few advanced modules in the months ahead. These will be FREE updates for anyone who enrolls in the course.

  • What if I don't find this helpful?

    Then I'll give you a 100% refund. Just email me within 30 days of purchase and I'll refund you, no questions asked.